Principal’s Message

Ms Chan Nga Lai

Our school is one of the four schools founded by Kiangsu Chekiang and Shanghai Residents (Hong Kong) Association. Guided by the school motto, “Be Orderly and Respectful” and abiding by the education philosophy of attaching equal importance to both Chinese and English learning, arts and sciences, and both further education and career pursuits, the school is committed to the provision of quality whole-person education to students.

The 2019-20 school year has been a challenging year for the school. In the first term, we experienced the social movement in Hong Kong which lasted for several months. After the Chinese New Year, we had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic which swept the world. The school had suspended classes for more than four months according to the announcement by the Education Bureau. During the suspension of classes, our staff continued to work dutifully and formulate various measures in accordance with the principles of “providing students with a safe, orderly, harmonious and caring learning environment” and that of “suspending classes without suspending learning” so as to ensure continual learning of students. These measures included not only promptly responding to the adjustment of teaching arrangements, but also moving regular lessons to virtual classrooms, conducting the F.6 Graduation Examination online, adopting other modes of delivery for other learning experiences and provision of emotional support, etc.

Despite the threat of social instability and the epidemic, our students have achieved outstanding performance in both academic and non-academic aspects under the guidance and support from teachers and parents. Their results are far better than the Hong Kong average in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2020. 91% of F.6 students attained “3322” or better in the four core subjects while the territory-wide average was 37%. A total of eight students obtained 32 marks or above for the best six subjects. On the whole, 87% of students were admitted to JUPAS degree or dual degree programmes and among them, 30% were admitted to the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and three other students were admitted to mainland universities under the Scheme for Admission of Hong Kong Students to Mainland Higher Education Institutions. All F.6 graduates were admitted to universities or tertiary institutes to pursue different programmes to realize their career goals. In terms of other learning experiences, a number of inter-school activities and competitions were cancelled due to the social movement and the epidemic in the last school year. Our students, however, still managed to win a total of 271 awards in different competitions, covering areas such as academics, arts, sports and services. In addition, many students obtained awards and scholarships from multiple territory-wide award schemes. The outstanding performance of our students is a perfect reflection of the concerted effort of the school and all its stakeholders.

For the school year of 2020-21, the school has drawn up the following major concerns to align with the development of the school and society, as well as cater for the needs of our students:

  1. Nurturing Student Leaders and Encouraging Students to Serve the Disadvantaged;
  2. Building a Favourable Atmosphere for Creative Writing and Ongoing Enhancement of Learning Efficiency; and
  3. Promoting Chinese History and Chinese Culture and Understanding of the Basic Law through Campus Learning.

In response to these major concerns, our school has devised and will implement an array of measures in order to foster students’ wellbeing and unleash their potentials.

Looking ahead to the new school year, although the epidemic will be with us for a while, I firmly believe that with the joint efforts and full support of all school stakeholders, our school will be able to rise up to difficulties, overcome challenges, sustain continual learning among students, and achieve fruitful results.

Chan Nga Lai