Principal’s Message

Mr Wong Chong-yee

The recent completion of the brand-new School Extension Building provides students with a spacious and well-equipped learning environment. It also signifies Kiangsu Chekiang And Shanghai Residents (H.K.) Association’s 39 years of commitment to education and the sponsoring body’s dedicated support to our school.

Our school adheres to the school motto, ‘Orderly and Respectful’, puts equal emphasis on English and Chinese, arts and science, further education and careers. Our aim to promote whole-person education with a balanced development on moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects has achieved some results. Academically, our students’ performance in public examination is far better than the Hong Kong average. Over 70% of graduates are admitted to local degree courses and almost all our students further their studies every year. In non-academic aspect, our students receive over 400 awards in open events and competitions annually. They participate enthusiastically in volunteering service, show their care for the society and help the needy. With the exemplary performance of our students, our school has been awarded the Outstanding School Award by the Education Bureau. Such achievements could not be achieved without the support of our sponsoring body as well as the concerted efforts and collaboration of all teachers, students and parents.

Today, students are facing more and greater challenges, so they need to have a thirst for knowledge. With enriched knowledge, they will be able to face the rapidly changing world. Amidst an increasingly digital future, students should also know how to communicate with others and show concern over issues around them. Our school will do its best to optimize the curriculum and organize a wider variety of activities, including local and overseas excursions, to widen students’ scope of knowledge, help them to understand the society and the importance of caring for others so that they are eager to help others. The future world is ever-changing, thus students need to be aware of the changes in the world and dare to innovate. Our school will continue to inspire students’ spirit of innovation through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, literary and aesthetic creation as well as project learning.

We expect our students to possess the good traits of having a thirst for knowledge, being good at communication, caring for the issues around them and being enthusiastic to serve. With these, not only will they be able to deal with future changes and bring about positive impact on the development of the society, but they will also embrace the opportunity to become leaders. Our school is soon celebrating its 40th anniversary. Upon the completion of the School Extension Building, my teaching staff, colleagues and I together will make the best use of its outstanding teaching condition to keep nurturing more talents who are knowledgeable, creative, caring and willing to serve, so as to build a better future for Kiangsu-Chekiang College (Shatin).

Wong Chong-yee