Principal’s Message

Ms Chan Nga Lai

Guided by the school motto, ‘Orderly & Respectful’ and abided by the education philosophy of attaching equal importance to both Chinese and English learning, both arts and sciences, and both further education and career pursuits, our school is committed to the provision of quality whole-person education to students.

The school year of 2018-19 was a fruitful year.  Academically, our students attained outstanding results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination 2019.  87% of our F.6 students attained ‘3322’ or better in the 4 core subjects including English Language, Chinese Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies, 99.6% attained level 2 or above and 62% attained level 4 or above.  There are six students who got 30 marks or above in the best five subjects and among them, 6E Fu Hin Nam attained 4 level 5**, 1 level 5* and 1 level 5.  On the whole, 84% of students were admitted to JUPAS degree programmes and among them, 38% were admitted to the University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.  All F.6 graduates are going to pursue further studies in universities and tertiary institutes.  The non-academic performance of our students was equally impressive in the last school year.   A total of 467 awards were obtained in various local and international competitions.  6C Man Ngai See Moriah, the Champion of Asian Junior and Cadet Fencing Championships 2018, was awarded the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship and is exempted from paying the tuition fee of the 4-year university programme.  The all-round achievements of our students fully demonstrate the concerted efforts of the school stakeholders.

Our school sponsoring body, Kiangsu Chekiang And Shanghai Residents (Hong Kong) Association has unceasingly supported the development of the school over the past 41 years.  In 2011, the Association allocated funds of HK$70 million to construct the school extension building.  To support the school extension, parents, alumni, teachers and students joined together to make donations and raise funds for the procurement of equipment installed in the new school building.  In 2019, the new school building was officially named as Chow Pai Ying Building in memory of Mr. Chow Pai Ying Stephen, the former Chairman of the Association, who made a great contribution to the school development and Hong Kong education.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the school, a series of commemorative activities were held in the last school year and these included the 40th Anniversary cum the 37th Graduation Ceremony, the 40th Anniversary Open Day, the 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner, publication of the 40th Anniversary Special Edition, essay writing competitions, wallboard design competition, photography competition, mural painting, etc. In addition, about 200 teachers and students took part in the production of the English musical, ‘40 Years of Excellence’, which drew together elements from the history of the school and that of Hong Kong during the corresponding stages.  The musical was not only the memory lane of the school, but also guided us to think about the future of the school.  All the celebration activities were successfully held on schedule and over 3,000 guests, members of the Association and Incorporated Management Committee, retired and current Principals, teachers, parents, students and alumni participated in the activities celebrating the school’s 40th birthday!

In the school year of 2019-20, three major concerns of the school have been set in response to the school and societal development as well as the needs of our students.  The major concerns set are:

  1. Fostering Positive Personal Traits, Pursuing Higher Goals and Realizing Dreams;
  2. Strengthening Students’ Language Abilities, Extending Students’ Potentials; and
  3. Ongoing Curriculum Renewal: Reading across the Curriculum

We will spare no effort in formulating and implementing strategies to achieve the goals set on the school’s major concerns and help foster a healthy personal growth of our students.

In face of the tense social atmosphere, we will join hands to provide a safe, harmonious and caring school environment in which our students gain joyful learning experiences.  It is believed that with the unfailing support of the school stakeholders, our school will, as always, reap fruitful results in the school year.

Chan Nga Lai