Results of Public Examinations

Over the years, the overall passing rates of our school in both the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination and Hong Certificate Education Examination had been about 99% and the percentages of grades A to C about 60% which were well above the overall Hong Kong averages.

The school’s performance in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination is equally outstanding. According to Ming Pao Daily News, our school’s first HKDSE Examination results ranked 12 among Hong Kong schools while for the past HKDSE Examinations, our results were far higher than the overall Hong Kong averages:

  • an average of 84.5% of our F.6 students obtained “3322” or better in the 4 core subjects (Chinese Language English Language, Mathematics and Liberal Studies) ( the Hong Kong average was 35.8%);
  • an average of 99.6% of our F.6 students obtained level 2 or better and about 60% level 4 or better (the Hong Kong averages were 84.3% and 35.2% respectively).

With outstanding academic achievements, about 95% of our graduates are admitted to universities and tertiary institutes every year. The school has received letters of recommendation from the local universities praising our graduates’ outstanding academic performance.

The Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination results
of our school are well above the Hong Kong averages