Moral Education & Counselling


Our school places emphasis on academic performance and is committed to building up students’ noble character and moral values, as well as establishing correct values amongst them. Moral Education & Guidance Board is responsible for devising plans and promoting moral education, discipline, counselling, career and life planning, as well as social services programmes.

  • Launching whole-school moral education and guidance scheme, which covers organizing form morning assemblies, setting monthly moral themes and weekly moral quotations. Life Education lessons and other related activities are held to build up students’ moral virtues and positive values;
  • Participating in sex education workshops run by Department of Health and End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation;
  • Participating in ‘Adolescent Health Programme’, run by Department of Health, and ‘P.A.T.H.S. to Adulthood’ run by Social Welfare Department;
  • Co-organizing ‘Good Care Scheme - Life Up Your Life, Joyful School Campaign’ with the Y.M.C.A. to enhance students’ resilience;
  • Moral Education and Discipline Foot-drilling programme conducted by retired uniform group officers to develop students’ self-discipline abilities, perseverance and teamwork spirit;
  • Launching a school-based leadership training scheme, including Peer Counselling Ambassadors and Prefects training programmes to boost their self-confidence and extend their leadership abilities;
  • Appointing prefects to maintain order and set good role models to their peers;
  • Organizing careers and life planning exhibitions and talks to provide students useful information to help them make further studies and career choices based on their interests and abilities;
  • Organizing Parents’ Day, Parents’ Evening, University Admission Talks, Form Four Subject Selection Talk, Talk on Release of HKDSE Results and other parenting talks to enhance communication between parents and the school.