Language Policy

Our school is an English-medium school. English is used as the sole instruction medium for all subjects except Chinese Language, Chinese History, Chinese Literature and Putonghua Drama, which are taught in Putonghua. Students are encouraged to communicate in either English or Putonghua out of the class. To create an environment that is conducive to language learning and enhance students’ biliteracy and trilingualism, the school has launched an extensive reading scheme and carried out the following measures:

  • An employment of three native English teachers, 12 Putonghua teachers to teach small-class English Drama, Putonghua Drama and Chinese Speaking lessons;
  • Two grants of $1.5 million in total funded by the Education Bureau under English Enhancement Scheme to enhance English teaching;
  • Setting up language enhancement and remedial courses: summer English bridging programme; Chinese, English and Putonghua remedial, tutorial and enhancement classes for all forms;
  • Producing an annual English Musical which involves over 200 teachers and students to meet the annual school major concerns, raise students’ language abilities and demonstrate teamwork spirit;
  • Encouraging students to write English and Chinese essays and creativity; publishing students’ good works and uploading essays online for sharing;
  • Organizing diversified language enrichment programmes, such as “One Minute Reading” radio broadcast, lunchtime students speeches, lunchtime oral practice, debate and singing competitions, English Week, Chinese Week and film shows, etc.;
  • Participating in Hong Kong Schools Chinese and English Speech Festivals, inter-school debating competitions, writing competitions, English Drama Fest and American Field Service (AFS) Intercultural Exchanges; and
  • Launching an extensive reading scheme and activities to promote reading, such as reading lessons, morning reading session, extensive reading scheme, online Chinese, English & L.S. reading, publication of monthly journal.
  • Setting up a reading club, publishing KCCS Bulletins, encouraging students to write and installing classroom bookshelves to make borrowing of books more convenient.
  • Setting up of the Language across the Curriculum (LaC) Committee which formulates and implements language across the curriculum initiatives. The Committee aims at extending language learning through increasing students’ language exposure in different key learning areas and enriching students’ language-learning experiences which help to further upgrade students’ language proficiency and extend the scope of knowledge gained so as to enhance the learning and teaching effectiveness.