Extra-curricular Activities

Our school has been implementing other learning experience programmes since 2001 during the Life Education lessons. We have hired instructors to provide professional training for students to develop their multiple intelligences and talents.

Our school adopts the “one life one sport one art one service” approach to achieve the whole-person development of students. Every year, our students win over 400 awards in various competitions, including international ones.

  • Our school has over 60 ECA clubs and societies providing academic, arts, sports, social services and interest building activities for students;
  • Annual Swimming Gala, Athletic Meet, Picnic Day Learning Activity Day, university and museum visits are held on top of Mainland and overseas exhcnage programmes for all-round development;
  • Students are encouraged to participate in activities out of school: e.g. the English Drama Festival, the Hong Kong Schools Drama Festival, the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival, inter-school debating competitions, the Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival, joint school science, electronics and computer exhibitions, IT design competitions, flower market stalls competitions, Road Safety Patrol footdrill competitions, martial arts competitions, inter-school swimming, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis and fencing competitions.

List of School Teams / Service Groups / Non-ECA Period Societies / Clubs / Groups
No. Societies/ Clubs/ Groups
1 Red House
2 Yellow House
3 Blue House
4 Green House
5 Students’ Union
6 Road Safety Patrol
7 Scouts
8 Girl Guides
9 HK St. John Ambulance Brigade
10 Community Youth Club
11 Prefect Team
12 Library Service Group
13 Peer Counselling Ambassador
14 Environmental Education Ambassador
15 Civic Education Ambassador
16 Back Stage Group
17 Class Society
No. Societies/ Clubs/ Groups
18 Music Club – School Orchestra
19 Music Club – Choir
20 Dance Team
21 Putonghua Drama Club
22 Chinese Drama Team
No. Societies/ Clubs/ Groups
23 Volleyball Team
24 Badminton Team
25 Basketball Team
26 Fencing Team
27 Athletic Team
28 Swimming Team
29 Table Tennis Team
30 Football Team
No. Societies/ Clubs/ Groups
31 Chinese Martial Arts Team
32 CKC Chinese Character Input Team
33 Broadcasting Team
34 Chinese Debate Team
35 Calligraphy Team
Remarks: Students will be informed through the school intranet if there are any changes in the information above.

Guideline for Participation in ECA

  1. Students are free to participate in three different ECA clubs/societies from Categories A or B in each school year.
  2. In order to strive a balance in academic studies and ECA, students are advised to take a maximum of two from Category A.
  3. Category A includes the following ECA clubs/societies which are heavily workload:
    • Dance Club
    • Uniform Groups: Road Safety Patrol, Scouts and Girl guides
    • Chinese Drama Team
    • Sport Teams: Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Table tennis Team & Badminton Team
    • Chinese Martial Arts Team
    • Prefect Team
  4. Category B includes other ECA clubs/societies which are relatively lighter workload.

Life Education ECA Periods

Plan of Activities of ECA Societies/Clubs/Groups
Phase 1
Online Registration Period: September 13 (Wednesday) to 15 (Friday), 2017
Dates: ECA 1 (06/10), ECA 2 (24/11), ECA 3 (19/01)

Phase 2
Online Registration Period: January 31 (Wednesday) to February 2 (Friday), 2018
Dates: ECA 4 (16/3), ECA 5 (20/4), ECA 6 (11/5)

Time: 2:40 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (8th Period & 9th Period)
Societies/ Clubs/ Groups Activities
English Society Movies, board games, multimedia activities and writing workshops
Chinese Society Movie appreciation, oral quiz on usage of language, visits, games and culture saloon
Putonghua Society Activities on Putonghua learning and Chinese culture
Mathematics Society Modified game of Bingo, card game, board games, Mathematics Trail, Sniper, Monopoly Deal, Rummikub, etc.
Liberal Studies Society Visits, games, talks, documentary & movie shows and chessboards
Integrated Science Society Making glider, science toys and air cannon, science documentary and talks
Physics Society Making straw planes, talks, physics fun games, film show and visits
Chemistry Society Leaf vein bookmark, PVA potty putty, visits, making smoke bomb and silver mirror DIY
*F.3 to F.5 students have higher priority
Biology Society Study of microscopic slides, dissection, visits and Science Week
History Society Film show, visit to museum, talks and games
Chinese History Society Film show, visits and games for cultivation of the interest in the subjects
*For F.3 to F.5 students only
Geography Society Film shows, visits, orienteering activity, talks, games and Liberal Studies & Humanities Education Week
Computer Society Visit, game design and 3D model design
Economics Society Discussion and games, visits, film shows
*For F.3 to F.5 students only
Accounting Society Games, visits, talks and film shows
*For F.3 to F.5 students only
*F.3 students have higher priority
Reading Club Visiting public libraries and book stores, reading games and books sharing
Societies/ Clubs/ Groups Activities
Community Service Training courses, outings and visits
Sunshine Peer Group Games, voluntary services and craftwork training
Scout Experience Orienteering, games, visits, knots training, cooking and outdoor activities
*F.1 and F.2 students have higher priority
*For Non-member of Scout
HK St. John Ambulance Brigade Experience First-aid Training, games and visits
*F.1 and F.2 students have higher priority
*For Non-member of HK St. John Ambulance Brigade
Junior Police Call Orientation, police talks, visits, outings and film shows
Christian Fellowship Orientation, scripture songs, sharing and praying, games and visits
Societies/ Clubs/ Groups Activities
Music Club – Orchestra Orientation, rehearsal, practice and performance
*Phase 1 only
*Rehearsal only
*Selected students SHOULD make on-line registration.
Music Club – Choir Vocal training & choral practice
*Selected students SHOULD make on-line registration.
Musical *Musical rehearsal only
*Phase 1 only
*Selected students SHOULD make on-line registration.
English Drama Club English Drama Festival practice and drama games
*Phase 2 only
*Drama Fest rehearsal only
*Selected students SHOULD make on-line registration.
Chinese Drama Club Workshop, script writing and acting
Visual Arts Club Crafts and drawing
*1st Phase: F.1 to F.3 students have higher priority
*2nd Phase: F.4 to F.5 students have higher priority
Dance Club Stage rehearsal, dance practice and committee meetings
*For School Dance Club committee members only
*Interested members SHOULD make on-line registration.
Singing Group Singing Putonghua and English pop songs and music appreciation

Societies/ Clubs/ Groups Activities
Badminton Club Badminton activities
*For non-school team students
Basketball Club Basketball activities
*For non-school team students
Volleyball ClubVolleyball activities
For non-school team students
Football ClubTraining and football matches
*Boys only
Health ClubTraining
Societies/ Clubs/ Groups Activities
Home Economics ClubCooking of snacks
*F.2 to F.5 students have higher priority
Design & Technology Club Interesting craftwork
*F.3 to F.5 students have higher priority
Go Club Chess playing, match and Go Lessons
*F.1 students have the highest priority
*F.2 to F.3 students have higher priority
Chinese Martial Arts ClubChinese Martial Arts training, performance, competitions and seminars
CKC Chinese Characters Input Club CKC input basics, intensive practices and participation in CKC competitions
Gardening ClubGardening course, visits, video show and craftwork
Chinese Debate SocietyTraining in debate skills
*For F.1 to F.4 students only
Photography Club (Drone technology) Acquiring photographic knowledge and appreciation, outings
*For F.3 to F.5 students only
*Members should bring their cameras.
Remarks: Students will be informed through the school intranet if there are any changes in the information above.