11 Feb
Life Education Lessons

Self-management lessons were held at all levels in online mode. Class-teachers led the students to reflect and share their performance in the First Examination and the first term, and to fill in the “Self-Management Handbook” so that students can better understand their personality, interests, strengths and weaknesses, so as to set goals that are more suitable for their own growth and development.

13 Feb
Online Parents’ Day
The Parents’ Day was held in online mode. Parents met with the Class-teachers and Assistant Class-teachers to understand the situation of the students in terms of academics, moral development and extracurricular activities. Principal Chan Nga Lai and Vice Principal Ho Lai Ping met with students with outstanding academic performance and significant improvement and their parents to give recognition and encouragement to the students; Assistant Principal Chan Oi Chi, Ms. Ip Yee Man from the Guidance and Counselling Committee, and Ms. Tong Ka Lo, our social worker, met with individual students and their parents with special learning needs, and provided counselling and other support.
15 Feb
The 30th Students' Top Ten News Election
We were informed by Hok Yau Club that all students of our school have won the "Most Active Participation Award" in the 30th Students' Top Ten News Election. Our school has won this award for eight consecutive years.
17 Feb
“Hong Kong Pupil Magazine”

Our Chinese Language teachers have always encouraged students to read and participate in various writing activities. Among them, the book report of 2A Lin Wenyue was published in Issue 131 of “Hong Kong Pupil Magazine” funded by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

18 Feb
Life Education Lessons
Our school held online activities at all levels, including: school-based F.1 moral education lesson on empathy, F.2 civic education lesson on “No Internet Addiction”, F.3 choice of subjects workshop on “Finding Your Colours of Life”, F.4 and F.5 students participating in a sex education talk organized by the Hong Kong Family Planning Association, etc. The school continued to provide students with different learning experiences under the epidemic.
19 Feb 
“New Territories East Sha Tin Branch Historical Tour cum Photography Competition”
The Girl Guides of our school participated in the “New Territories East Sha Tin Branch Historical Tour and Photography Competition” organized by the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association. 3D Gong Qianya and 5B Wong Nga Man were the Champion in the Girl Guides category and the Second Runner-up in the Senior Girl Guides category respectively.
21 Feb
21 Feb
2021-2022 Writing Competition
Our students won 3 first, 8 second and 15 third prizes in the 2021-2022 writing competition organized by the Zhongguo Qingshaonian Yuyan Wenhua Xuehui.
22 Feb
The 61st Prose Writing (Chinese) Competition
2B Zhou Man Kei came second in junior group, her instructor Chen Yubei won the Best Teacher Award and our school won the Outstanding Performance Award in the 61st Prose Writing (Chinese) Competition organized by the Hong Kong International Exchange of Artist and Culture Association.
25 Feb
Life Education lessons
Activities included: soy sauce eggs making, online interactive games.
26 Feb
Admission Talks
The school offered two online admission talks on Zoom for potential applicants and their families in the afternoon. The Principal Ms Chan Nga Lai, Vice-principal Dr Ho Lai Ping, Assistant Principal Dr Chan Oi Chi and Ms Ely Lee introduce the placement of form one discretionary places, interview skills and assessment rubrics. Over 400 audience attended and learnt about the school rationale and what the school has to offer.
Online workshop of the SCOLAR English Alliance
29 F.1 and F.2 students joined the online workshop of the SCOLAR English Alliance named 'Experiencing 21st Century English Writing with e-Learning Tools', and learnt about lead-in, proof, elaboration and rebuttal on an argumentative article about social media.