1 Jan
Display of national flag and conduct of national flag raising ceremony

According to the Education Bureau Circular No. 11/2021: Guidelines for the National Flag, National Emblem, National Anthem and Regional Flag, schools are required to display the national flag every school day and specified days (January 1 ¡V New Year¡¦s Day, July 1 ¡V HKSAR Establishment Day, Oct 1 ¡V National Day) starting from January 1, 2022, and a flag raising ceremony must also be held every week. The school began to display the national flag and hold a flag raising ceremony on campus from that day onwards.

5 Jan
Staff Development Day
Principal Chan Nga Lai reported the latest development of the novel coronavirus epidemic, the vaccination rate of the school staff and students at all levels, the classroom timetable after the first examination, the precautions for external assessment and the elements of an effective classroom. Afterwards, Ms. Ely Lee explained the arrangements for display of national flag and conduct of national flag raising ceremony in our school.
Staff Development Activities

In the morning, a workshop titled ¡§Self-kindness and Self-caring Habits for Time of Stress¡¨ was hosted by Ms. Chik Ying Ying, our school educational psychologist, to teach teachers how to relieve stress and take care of themselves during the epidemic and heavy work. In line with the school year¡¦s major concern: ¡§Promoting Self-Directed Learning and Embracing Learner Diversity¡¨, the school invited teachers from the Centre of Excellence in IT in Education of the Education Bureau to hold workshops to share relevant learning and teaching experiences. The workshops were presided over by staff of the Centre for Learning Science and Technology of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, YMCA College, Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School, seconded teachers from Sheng Kung Hui Li Fook Hing Secondary School and Maryknoll Secondary School, as well as our school¡¦s teacher Mr. So Chi Fung, who worked with teachers from various key learning areas in our school.

In the afternoon, our school invited Dr. Cheung Yuen Ki, educational psychologist of the University of Hong Kong of the Jockey Club ¡§Peace and Awareness¡¨ Mindfulness Culture in Schools Initiative, to hold a mindfulness workshop. 

14 Jan
Talk of HKDSE Examination Skills
The Panel Heads of the Chinese Language, English Language and Mathematics Departments of our school held the talk for all Form 6 students respectively to enhance students¡¦ answering skills and further enhance their public examination results.
21 Jan
Life Education Lessons

Various learning activities such as puff pastry making, glass painting making, dried flower bookmark making, intellectual games and electronic flashing light design were held by various clubs and societies in our school. The other learning experiences have enriched students¡¦ school life.

F.6 Careers Talk
The school¡¦s Careers Guidance Team held a seminar for F.6, and the Careers Mistress, Ms. Tai Lai Yi, explained the points to note of JUPAS operations and other career paths to the students, so that the students could prepare for further studies.
Arrangements and Operations of Online Examinations for F.6 Students
Ms. Yeung Yam Shi of the Information Technology Committee, and Ms. Sin Ka Lai of the Discipline Committee explained the arrangements of the online examination, and instructed them to observe the integrity of the examination respectively. The students took the examination procedure trial to further understand and master the online examination operations.
24 Jan
Our school won the ¡§Most Active Participation Award ¡V Secondary Section¡¨ in the ¡§2021 National Constitution Day Online Quiz Competition¡¨.
25 Jan
¡§The 9th Hong Kong International Youth Performing Arts Festival (Hong Kong Division)¡¨
2A Chan Shuk Yin participated in the ¡§9th Hong Kong International Youth Performing Arts Festival (Hong Kong Division)¡¨ organized by the Hong Kong Youth Performing Arts Exchange and Development Association and won the Silver Award in the Piano Grade 7 Competition.
¡§Hong Kong Inter-School Chorus Festival 2022 Opening Ceremony and Keynote Speech¡¨
Our school choir participated in the online event hosted by The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus.
¡§Money Management Challenge ¡V Wealth by Virtue Animation Script¡¨ Competition
4C Yeung Sen Hei, 4D Cheung Ue Ching Vinci, Fung Kai Ki and Wong Chi Ping participated in the ¡§Money Management Challenge ¡V Wealth by Virtue Animation Script¡¨ Competition jointly organized by the Education Bureau (EDB), the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) and the Hong Kong Education City (Edcity).. Animation Screenwriting Competition. The animation scripts of ¡§The Troubles of Tabby Cats¡¨ and ¡§Ants and Crickets¡¨ created by the two groups of students with the themes of online shopping safety and personal financial planning respectively won Commendable Awards in the Junior Secondary Division. The entry of Yeung Sen Hei and Cheung Ue Ching Vinci also received My Favourite Award. That day, Principal Chan Nga Lai, Economics Panel Head Ms. Leung Kit Man, and award-winning students attended the online prize presentation ceremony.
26-27 Jan
Arrangements for the F.6 Online Examination
Ms. Yeung Yam Shi of the Information Technology Committee of our school explained the arrangements of the online examination for F.6 students. The students also tested the examination equipment and devices to further understand and master the operations of the online examination.
28 Jan
Writing Auspicious Messages Online Activity
The activity was held during the morning assembly to promote traditional Chinese culture and cultivate students¡¦ interest in calligraphy. Students made use of the red paper distributed last week and the brushes, ink and other supplies prepared at home. Through the event, students could write down and send their blessings to teachers, family members and classmates.
31 Jan
Lunar New Year holidays
The school encouraged F.1-3 students to be engaged in extensive and cross-curricular reading activities during the Lunar New Year holidays. F.4-5 students were reminded to make good use of their holidays to complete reading, writing and subject assignments to further enhance their academic performance; while F.6 students were reminded to study hard to prepare for their Graduation Examination after the holidays.