4 Nov
25th Teacher Commendation Scheme

Mr Chiu Siu Hong and Ms Leung Kit Man were elected to join the 25th Teacher Commendation Scheme and were awarded the Commendation Certificates.

7 Nov
Parent-Teacher Association Parent Volunteers Gathering
8 Nov
Life Education Lesson
Activities include the announcement of the results of Inter-class Poster Design Competition, studentsˇ¦ performances and class-building games.
9 Nov
Hong Kong Mathematical Games Open
Five awards were received in the Hong Kong Mathematical Games Open organized by Hong Kong Mathematical Olympiad Association. Winners include:
Chan Yik Lok
Cheung Cho Shing
So Man Kit
Chung Cheuk Yin
Ng Po Wa
10 Nov
Influenza Vaccination Service provided by Kiangsu Chekiang & Shanghai Medical Centre
13 Nov
Life Education Lesson
Different talks were organised including Positive Growth for F.1, Law and New Generation Programme for F.2 and F.4, HSBC Future Skills Development Project: Artificial Intelligence Workshop for F.5, and Careers and Further Education for F.6.
16 Nov
True Light Girls' Invitational Mathematics Contest

Merit awardees: Ho Po Yi, Chan Man Tung, Chan Wing Sum and Lee Lok Wing (F.4D)

Dance World Cup Hong Kong Qualifying Match 2020
Gold Medallists of Senior Duet/Trio National and Folklore Dance: Mak Sze Ki and Lan Nok Sum (F.6D)
17 Nov
HSBC Bank of Our Future Competition
A team made up of students Zhu Wing Lam (F.4D), Lian Xintong (F.4A), Yiu Ho Kiu Avis (F.4C, Chan Man Tung and Chu Wing Yin (F.4D) entered the final round on 12 December, 2020.
19 Nov
2nd Musco Piano Competition
Merit Awardee of Secondary II: Chan Shuk Yin (F.1A)
20 Nov
Life Education Lesson
Extra-curricular activities, including the making of Pearl milk tea, pressed flower pendants and anti-theft devices, were organised by different clubs and societies via Zoom.
21 Nov
Annual General Meeting of Parent-Teacher Association cum the 11th Executive Committee Election and IMC Parent Manager Election
Ms Wong Yee Man, Chairperson of Parent-Teacher Association, was elected as the Parent Manager, while Ms Lau Wing Sze was elected as the Alternate Parent Manager. A talk on how to support teenagers during adversity was conducted by Ms Chan Kit Yee of Hope Counselling Centre.
Distribution of Student Performance Report
Parents had a meeting with the Class-teacher and Assistant Class-teacher discussing studentsˇ¦ academic and moral development.
22 Nov
F.6 Parents' Day
Report cards were distributed and the meeting with Class-teachers and Assistant Class-teachers was arranged. Scholarships were awarded to students by the Principal and Vice-principal to encourage students to strive for academic excellence. Counselling was provided to students who have learning and emotional needs by the Assistant Principal, Counselling teachers and social workers.
27 Nov
Life Education Lesson
Different activities were organised including Moral Education Musical about anti-drug for F.1, Positive Growth lesson for F.2, Studentsˇ¦ Union Election Consultation for F.3 to F.5, and Careers and Further Education talk for F.6.