9 Sept
Live Broadcast of the Opening Ceremony of the new school year

The opening ceremony of the new school year was broadcasted on Zoom. The whole school watched the ceremony which included the school song, the school motto and the school codes, speeches by the Principal, the Vice-principal and the Assistant Principal. There was announcements on outstanding achievers in academic performance and other learning experiences. The Principal introduced new teachers and the new social workers, and gave a report on the last school year, highlighting students' impressive adaptation to adversities. She also addressed the school about the new major concerns of the year:
1. Nurturing Student Leaders and Encouraging Students to Serve the Disadvantaged
2. Building a Favourable Atmosphere for Creative Writing and Ongoing Enhancement of Learning Efficiency
3. Promoting Chinese Culture and Understanding of the Basic Law through Campus Learning
The Principal then focused on the core value to be nurtured: responsibility and commitment.
The Vice-principal and the Assistant Principal addressed school policies related to the major concerns.

2 Sept
Start of Regular Zoom Lessons
Regular zoom lessons started. Students have half days in the first week. The school arranged online after school homework assistance lessons.
4 Sept
Online Introduction of Service Groups and ECAs
Students were shown a video introduction on the three Student Union cabinets, Nexus, Primrose and Novel on YouTube, and introductions prepared by the Scouts, Girls Guides, Road Safety Patrol, St John Ambulance Brigade, the Chinese Martial Arts Club and the Dance Club.
7-20 Sept
Regular online lessons have been arranged during this period of time
7 Sept
The 5th Hong Kong Music Talent Music Competition
2D Lau Tsz Ching won the 6th place in the Strings category in the 5th Hong Kong Music Talent Music Competition organized by the Hong Kong Music and Performing Arts Association.
7-10 Sept
Half Day face-to face classes will be resumed in two phases
According to the announcement made by the Education Bureau on 31 August, 2020,
Half Day face-to face classes will be resumed in two phases on September 23 and September 29 respectively.
F.6 Students will return to school
In order to help students to catch up with the regular curriculum, F.6 Students will return to school on September 16, F.1 and F.5 students on September 23 while F.2 to F.4 students on September 29.
18 Sept
Life Education Lesson
Handover ceremony has been held during the Life Education Lesson. Representatives from clubs and societies pledged and introduced their team members during the ceremony.
24 Sept
The 6th Outstanding Student Leader Election
6C Ho Hoi Lam has been awarded the outstanding student leader prize organized by The Arete.
25 Sept
Teachers' Day
Teachers' Day was being celebrated during the Life Education Lessons.
Parents' Evening was being held at night. Different talks have been arranged for parents, followed by sharing session between class teachers and parents.
30 Sept
Flag raising ceremony
Flag raising ceremony was being held in the morning, teachers and students attended the ceremony through watching live broadcast in their classrooms.