3 Nov
Society Game conducted by the Guidance Committee for F.4 students
4 Nov
Elderly Map Scheme organized by Youth Elderly Care Movement Limited
Vice-principal Lau Chi Ip led our student volunteers to render service at Caritas Elderly Centre - Shatin.
7 Nov
F.1 Lunch Gathering by Guidance Committee - 1st session

Our Guidance Committee teachers Ms Ip Yee Man, Ms So Ka Wai, Ms Luk Ka Man, Mr Chan Ho Kai, Ms Yau Chui Mei, Mr Lun Ho Yin, our social worker Ms Chong Wing Sze and our Peer Counselling Ambassadors had lunch with our newly admitted F.1 students.

10 Nov
School Picnic
11 Nov
Shatin Secondary Schools Expo

Vice-principal Lau Chi Ip and parent and student representatives set up a booth for the introduction of our school's mission, school profile and HKDSE results, etc.

14-15 Nov
Reading Sponsorship Scheme co-organized with Breakthrough Ltd.

Each student was sponsored a "Reading Subsidy Coupon" and a "$20 Cash Coupon" for purchase in the Book Fair.

17 Nov
Talk on Psychological Health
University Talk by HKU
19 Nov
Girl Guides Annual Parade cum Prize Presentation Ceremony 2017

Led by Ms Luk Ka Man and Ms Chan Wai Ni
9 prizes were awarded listed as follows:

Our Girl Guides Team Outstanding Team Award
Highest Hours of Service Team Award
Our Sea Rangers Team Outstanding Team Award
Highest Hours of Service Team Award
Ms Luk Ka Man 10 Year Service Award
Honorary Badge
Ms Chan Wai Ni 5 Year Service Award
Ms Wong Wing Sze (alumna) 5 Year Service Award
Badge of Gratitude